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“Will you take my Japanese girl?” is the end of many a sincere Japanese guy’s lines. This query is not only an insult but is a definite turn off for most girls. So what does it take to make him take your Japanese girl?

If you truly want him to take your Japanese girl, then make sure you get him to talk to her. You don’t have to be the one to initiate the conversation. You can also wait for him to ask her out. That is also possible, although in some cultures that might not work as well. Just be confident and let him ask her out.

Do missionary style with your Japanese girl. That is how most guys will start out the initial conversation. It may seem strange to some to be initiating conversation in this way, but most Japanese guys are uncomfortable in open contact with girls, especially ones that are their own age. By trying it, they might feel less awkward and even more at ease with you. They might even become more comfortable with you.

One of the most important things you can do is use your mouth. When you are having sex with a girl in the missionary position, you can tell a lot about a girl’s taste in men. A girl who likes spicy food won’t enjoy being eaten out by a guy who prefers chicken and rice. You need to know what she is comfortable with before you go about initiating the contact. Talk to her about what you would like to do and what she would like to do to you before you try to engage in missionary sex.

Once you have initiated the conversation, try to get out the safer part of the conversation. Have a light and fun conversation instead of talking about things she is uncomfortable with. It is your responsibility to make her comfortable so she knows you are there for her and she does feel bad about turning you down. Since you have already engaged in missionary sex, it is highly unlikely that she would shy away from the idea of receiving oral sex in return.

Show her your moves when you are performing missionary style. Talk about how you are going to hold her down while you penetrate her. This makes her more comfortable with you and will show him she trusts you enough to be receptive to your suggestions.

If she says no, then don’t panic. Remember that it is the girl’s decision. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Being a good provider is important in missionary style, but you can’t force her to accept you. If she says no, then don’t try to force her. Let her say no and just move on to the next girl.